Have a US Zip Code? Air Plant City will ship but only guarantees shipments within the continental United States. There are restrictions in some states and terrortories; these are your responsibility to understand and I can not be held responsible for problems arising due to regional issues. WINTER SHIPPING IS IN EFFECT 11/01. I ship Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday normally but shipping is dependent upon weather and can change. Holiday shipping (two weeks leading up to a gift giving holiday) is usually daily and I will do everything possible to get your gift delivered ON TIME. If your weather is an issue, please notify me. I can ship so that you will be home when the package arrives. Remember, your Mail person will be delivering it, not UPS. You can also ship to a place where someone is available to collect the box such as work. Please watch your email for tracking information. Tracking info via email is the only correspondence you will receive after placing your order. If you do not see it within a few days, please contact me. My company name on the notification is C.Essigmann Enterprises. Make note of it so you find me. It takes approximately 3 days to prepare your order for shipping. 5-10 days for you to actually receive your order. I will always ship asap and special arrangements can be made to get your product to you faster. Just notify me if there are special requirements. Please Safe List Air Plant City (Paypal, and C.Essigmann Enterprises also) in your email so I can notify you of unusual delays if any arise. Due to the live nature of your product order, please know that shipping is affected by the weather here. I can not ship wet plants so if we are especially rainy your order will be delayed a day or two. I also watch weather reports elsewhere in the country. I may ship later if the weather is very bad in your area. Please be patient as I want to ensure you receive Happy, Healthy Air Plants There are times when substitutions will be made, Subs will be of greater value and as similar as I can provide. If I have to sub more than 2 plants, you will be notified for permission. I do not back order individual plants. All plants will be hydrated before shipping and packaged to prevent damage. I use plastic bags for packing. I do this for many reasons including weight, flexibility, and insulation. Please Recycle. A care sheet will be included and we will be available to answer any concerns that you have after your plants arrive. SHIPPING COSTS : We ship USPS Priority 2-3 Delivery and Charge a Flat Rate of $5. Although we ship only healthy, high quality plants, it is important to remember that they are not perfect (nor is any living thing). Minor leaf imperfections are normal; leaves that have imperfections or are broken can be safely trimmed away with scissors. It is also normal for Tillandsia to lose the bottom leaves when acclimating to their new environment. These leaves can be trimmed off along with long roots I have missed if you desire. If you want the roots left on for mounting, please notify me in the "Notes to seller" Thank you again for your order. Enjoy your plants. UPON ARRIVAL... When you receive our plants, please remove from the shipping package, allow to reach room temperature and then soak for 30 minutes. Soaking upside down will insure that the tips also receive water and the bulbous section will not be over watered. Place in bright light and allow to dry. Do not fertilize plants for 3 weeks following their arrival but be sure to follow directions for Light and Water. DO NOT USE DISTILLED WATER
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