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  • CARE: Place in indirect sunlight

  • COLOR: Grassy green. Fuegos, Mexicans, and Peanuts blush red and produce purple flowers in bloom. Druids blush yellow. Zebrinas are a sage color with white specks. Vans are a soft sage green. Rositas are dark green that blush dark red.

  • WATER: Mist with occasional bath

  • MOUNTING: Easy mount with glue

  • SIZE: From 1-2 High to 4-5 inch on larger varieties. Clumps beautifully.

Click small picture for close up view

Ionantha vanhyningii (Van) $5.75

Ionantha Druid N/A

Ionantha Huamelula



Ionantha Mexican $2.00

Ionantha Fuego $2.00

Ionantha Rosita $5.25




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